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About Us

By leveraging our experience of working in Hospital Research Departments we bring a unique perspective to Clinical Trial Services


Our Story

TCR-Solutions was established by Davy Yeung in 2015.

Davy is a UK-based academic and clinical research professional who spent many years working in Hospital Research Departments.

This experience led him to the conclusion that CRO-Hospital relationships are often very ‘transactional’. In other words, they are based on contracts and budgets rather than being true partnerships.

Clearly, a paradigm shift was required.

Davy’s objective in setting up TCR-Solutions was to create a CRO that truly understood the needs of hospital sites. They would achieve this by working closely with hospital personnel rather than simply selecting the site and then leaving them to recruit.

Peter MacLennan has spent the majority of his working life in senior clinical research operational and business roles. He joined Davy in early 2016 to support him in the development of a CRO with the infrastructure needed to realise Davy’s ambition.

By utilising their unique knowledge of hospital people, processes and priorities, TCR-Solutions ensures that studies are delivered on time, on budget and to the highest standards of quality.

Our sustained ethos of putting hospital sites at the very heart of what we do means we continue to successfully deliver clinical trials across a wide variety of phases and therapeutic areas. 

Highlights include five important and innovative COVID studies; highly complex first-in-man studies; multiple oncology, radiopharmaceutical, gene therapy, psychiatry, and ophthalmology projects; as well as post-marketing RWE programmes. Over the past 18 months, we have also carved out a niche in medical device studies.

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What it’s like to work with us?

TCR-Solutions has the personal touch.

We offer a truly customised approach – every report, every tracking form, every meeting is tailored to the needs of each individual sponsor and each individual study.

The best way to understand how we would respond to the challenges of your clinical development programme is to invite us to bid on a study.

We guarantee that the proposal you receive will be creative and thought provoking. Our flat managerial structure means that we will also be highly cost-effective – but with no compromise on quality.

If you contact us you will get a rapid response!

Who we work with

Biotechnology Companies

We understand the needs of virtual companies and work as an extension of their often very small team. With TCR-Solutions the sponsor has a single point of contact and flexibility. Being smaller ourselves, we can easily collaborate with the sponsor from a strategic and cultural perspective. We are also more accessible and affordable to small to mid-size sponsor companies to accommodate limited funds.

Pharmaceutical Companies

We understand the importance of undertaking your clinical research on time and on target. With expertise in all phases of clinical development, post marketing and PASS studies, we can support every aspect of your programme whether you are seeking just one service element or would prefer broader project support.

University Researchers

We can support your clinical research directly, with accurate planning, expert execution and timely data delivery. We can also recommend the best, most relevant and most cost-effective suppliers, staff and sites for your clinical research project, helping you to keep expenses to a minimum.

Our Mission

To be the CRO of choice to implement and deliver clinical trials by providing a unique partnership with hospital staff and their sites.

Our Vision

We envisage a world where hospitals are truly valued as partners in the successful delivery of clinical trials.

TCR-Solutions Managerial Team

Find out more about our team.

We have worked with more than 70% of the hospitals in the UK, and manage studies in all major European countries, USA & Australia.

We have on the ground working relationships with over 600 hospital staff across the world.